Tuesday, 4 October 2011

My reflective journal

So I have begun a new chapter in my life, new friends and experiences are to follow ...
I am going to begin a reflective journal, my fears and feelings on a day to day  basis I shall record.

Teacher Training....

I have finished my degree , did well , had a few exhibitions over the summer. One in York and one in london.

I am still designing, finishing commissions for the new build in Bolton...
Bolton One, I am however training to be a teacher, which is really different from being a textile artist. It is what I want to do, to pass on my knowledge and my experiences and hope fully make a diference to at least onepoor soul!

Monday, 16 May 2011


Finances art tight so stay in Britain this summer for your vacation, in a personalized yurt.

I have mashed up cultural identity and religious iconic imagery.
I have looked at street art and hopefully created cultural harmony.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

New Designs

At the moment this blog is all about artists and designers who inspire me and make life a much better place to be in. Here however are a few snippets of what I am up to till midnight every night!

                Basquiat not, Rachel Yes...

Today whilst researching for my independent practice,  I discovered Tord Boonjte. His work is about the delicate marriage with design and emotion, reflecting on nature. I have been greatly inspired today and feel like a breath of fresh air to propel me further down the road of discovery has been granted. I hope you take a look at his website and enjoy his work as much as I did.

Tents and Fantasy Dens.

I am currently designing fabrics based on a multi cultural theme. I am fascinated with colour and pattern. I want to embrace the cultures that surround us daily and hopefully through my current practice bring a little bit of harmony in a very troubled world.
The fabrics are going to become , hopefully a marvelous creation,a tent or a fantasy den, to hide away from troubled waters. I have a browse at pinterest a fantastic website.
How beautiful is this tent?